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As a capital of the Social Republic of Vietnam, Hanoi is also a crucial center of culture, politics, trade, and tourism all over the country. Experiencing almost a thousand year of history, Hanoi is going to celebrate its important ceremony in October 2010 (1000 years).

It is incomplete when talking about the Vietnamese Capital without mentioning its natural charm, educated and hospitable residents and long proud history.

Locating on the right bank of Red River, being built from low land, Hanoi has been long considered as the city of 18 graceful lakes.

Owning the typical climate of Northern Vietnam, autumn in Hanoi that usually lasts from August to October seems to be the most passion for so many artists with clear blue sky and gentle spells of breeze and it is also the high season for tourists.

Also, the civilization of Hanoians attracts visitors all around the world through sophisticated works in occupational villages such as Bat Trang pottery, Ngu Xa bronze casting and Yen Thai glossy villages; delicious cuisines and so many other cultural festivals through a year long.

Last but not least, the most obvious reminders of proud history of Hanoi are written on the yellow walls of centuries – old Chinese Temples, colonial stylistic buildings and plenty of museums dotted around the former Thang Long Imperial Citadel. Some outstanding vestiges are Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) – the first university of Vietnam, One Pillar Pagoda (Chua Mot Cot) – symbol of national cradle of Buddhism and Taoism, the Cathedral St – Joseph, Grand Opera House.

As a result, coming to Hanoi – which could be translated as Rivers Interior or Between Rivers, is not just a trip but also a highlight backing to culture and history and discovering the hidden charm of “ascending dragon” city.

Highlights of Hanoi:

Hanoi Old Quarter and Dong Xuan market – located between the Lake of the Restored Sword, the Long Bien Bridge, and a former city rampart that represents the eternal soul of Hanoi.
The Temple of Literature (Van Mieu) – situated in the Dong Da section of Hanoi, Van Mieu is symbol for Confucius influence in Vietnam.
Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple and Thang long water puppet theatre – lying in the heart of the capital, the historical lake, holy temple and the theatre visited by almost every visitor to Hanoi.
West Lake, Truc Bach Lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda – being in the west of Hanoi, those are the largest lake in inner Hanoi and tranquil lakes separated by Youth Road and one of oldest historical sites nationwide.
West Lake Water Park – near West Lake and the exciting entertaining for dynamic visitors
Hoa Lo Prison Museum which is infamous for the name of Hanoi Hilton
Vietnam Museum of Ethnology – located in a large open area on Nguyen Van Huyen Street, the museum is both a research and public exhibition center of ethnic groups of Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh Complex : Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Presidential Palace, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum
Bat Trang pottery villages – as common destinations for tourists, local residents especially historians alike

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