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Introduce about SaPa Travel

Lying in Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range, in the northwestern Vietnam, Sapa is famed for its authentic rugged scenery, mild weather and rich culture diversity. Sapa is graceful mountainous town where is endowed by picturesque mountains and rice terraces. The temperature averaging 15 to 18 degree census during best time of September to November; and March to May gains the heart of almost every relaxing vacationer. It is also home to many hill tribes with four main groups of Hmong, Yao, Tay and Giay ethnic minorities.

Arriving to Sapa, adventurous travelers should not miss the chance to challenge Fan Si Pang – the Mount Everest of Vietnam topping out at 3,143 meters. Also, they could trek various villages through paddy fields. For the less adventurous, some other villages such as Lao Chai could be accessible via van, zip or bicycle. Yet, they could leaning on the balcony of the hotel, overlooking the scenic valleys surrounded by layer and layer of clouds and serving themselves a cup of beer at sunset and enjoying peace in minds and joys in hearts.

One of distinctive culture when visiting Sapa is attending in Love Market which is normally held on Saturday nights. Youth of both sex gathering, performing traditional love songs and dances then arranging for their next date. However, this valuable ritual, seem to loose its true nature.

As the result from commercialization over last decade, Sapa has rapidly affected and money is the new drug of choice. The ethnic minority children could earn their living since they are five years old by selling silver trinkets, embroidered pillow cases and other souvenir to tourists. It is also common to encounter the young girls playing hacky sack in the park or legging billiards in the bar.

Highlights of Sapa:

Ethnic Villages: Cat Cat – great chance to watch excellent view on the 5 km path away from Sapa. Some other as Lao Chai, Tavan, Ban Ho, Ta Phin villages, etc.
Pan Si Pan Mountain – Known as the Mount Everest of Vietnam, the roof of Indochina is tempting to all adventurous trekkers.
Silver Waterfall – 12 km from Sapa to the west, the fall looks its best with over 200 truly breathtaking meters water stream high.
Ethnic market day of Bac Ha, Coc Ly – trading colorful manmade commodities from various ethnic minorities in the town such as clothes, blankets, pillow cases.

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