10:18 pm - Tuesday January 16, 2018

Introduce about Nha Trang City Travel

As politics, economic and culture center of Khanh Hoa central provinceNha Trang is becoming more and more favorite destination for vacation goers. It was long recognized as perfect resort – town by French officers and American solders during the wars for its prime white sand beaches and deep warm water all year around and magnificent coral reef in the seabed and continues attract tourists of all time.

Today the city of Sea Festivals 2009, Miss World 2010, the most national seaside tourism attraction, and the scuba driving center, Nha Trang is still rather intact with its natural draw miles of beach and friendliness of residents. Many people of Nha Trang still walk or use bicycle to get around, so there is very little pollution and noise in this coastal city.

Upon arriving Nha Trang, visitors could have plenty chances to enjoy local cuisines and thriving islands. Among most famous specialties are bird nest and banh canh soup. And some notable offshore islands are Hon Tre, Hon Rua, Hon Chong, etc

Hight lights of Nha Trang:

National Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam – the lively exhibition on popular and rare marine species.
Cau Da ( Rock Bridge) – where the first active Oceanographic Institute was built in 1922 with 23 aquariums on display
Hon Chong – located on the stretch of rocky mass of land, it is famous for smooth rock stacking on one another.
Po Nagar Cham Tower – built by Cham civilization between 7th to 12th centuries to honor Yang Ino Po Ngar, mother of the kingdom.
Long Son Pagoda – as one of most renowned relic sites in Khanh Hoa Province with 79 ft tall white Buddha.

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