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Introduce about Ha Long Travel

Ha Long Bay – which could be translated as descending dragon, ranks among the most popular tourist destination in Vietnam. Lying in Quang Ninh – the northeastern province, it is just nearly 170 km from Ha Noi so almost every capital visitors do not miss the chance to discover this beautify bay.

Ha Long Bay features the calm water beaches, dense of exciting limestone mountains, islets and caves those usually got the names according to their interesting shapes, historical events and animal living on them. Some examples are fighting cock islands, wooden stake cave, and pelican cave.

Once arriving Ha Long, visitors could hire the boat, going out to the bay for formidably picturesque of enormous seascapes. Among them, Dau Go Cave, Poem Mountain, Tuan Chau or Sentinel Chau Island are regarded to be the best masterpieces of nature and should not been skipped. Sightseers could pay their visits to Yen Tu Pagoda, Cua Ong Temple – two of very famous religious sites all Vietnam around. Furthermore, adventurous tourists could boat to Co To Island for authentic settings, beautiful coral reefs and scuba experiencing.

Ha Long Bay was listed as World Natural Heritage on December 17th, 1994 by UNESCO.

Highlights of Halong:

Scorched Beach – that once was forest, great sandy beach during summer and fall time.
Wooden Stake Cave – one of most beautiful in the bay that embedded with the victory against Mongolian driven by general Tran Hung Dao in 13th century.
Tuan Chau (Sentinel Chau) Island – just 3 km from Wooden Stake Cave to the west.
Co To Island – where visitors could swim in the perfect water body and watch incredible coral reefs.
Poem Mountain – on Hon Gai Island with the famous poem written by King Le Thanh Tong since 15th century expressing the great beauty of the bay.
Pelican Cave – not as deep and large as Wooden Stake Cave, the Pelican owns clear fresh water with rocky formations.
Yen Tu Pagoda – the systems of pagodas, temples with density of vegetation range.
Cua Ong Temple – built to honour Tran Quoc Tang, the son of Tran Hung Dao – the one of most famous general in Vietnam history.

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