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Introduce about Da Nang City Travel

Locating on the midway from Ha Noi Capital to Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang enjoys the scenic sights of Hoi An town and the charm of imperial capital Hue. The coastal city is harmonious combination of traumatic past and high-rise future, geographic favor and honest residents and defined with various cultural and architectural heritages.

The city on the tremendous developing highway for past few year once was heavily bombarded by American Arm forces. It is favored on the close location with 3 other heritages sites of ancient capital Hue, Hoi An town and holly land of My Son.

Incredibly, though living in the crucial tourism attraction, local people are famed for the hospitability and honesty. Moreover, Da Nang lies by poetic Han River, beautiful stretching beaches of Eastern Sea and consisting many other distinctive tourist spots. They are Cham Museum, Marble Mountains, Son Tra peninsula, Da stream and ecotourism resort of Ba Na – Mo Stream those once visited, would left the unforgettable memories in vacationers.

Some streets in Da Nang City are recognized as the best through the nation. One of them is Bach Dang with 3 km long it connects Nguyen Van Troi Bridge and Han River. Walking down here, passenger could enjoy the splendid views modern yet peaceful city of Da Nang.

Highlights of Danang:

Cham Museum – Founded in 1915 it hosts a valuable collection of stone sculptures and Hindu- practicing civilization
Marble Mountains – 9 km from Da Nang to the south, it include Wood, Water, Fire, Earth legendary mountains.
Han River – the charming river are used as the symbol of Da Nang
Ba Na – Mo Stream resort – the ecotourism resort known as the Da Lat Sapa of Central Vietnam.

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