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Introduce about Cat Ba Travel

Covering an area of 20,000 ha in the north east of Hai Phong, Cat Ba is famous for spectacular array and island scenery. The National Parklocated in this pearl island that is home to typical rare flora and fauna species. Cat Ba Island also has a large collection of marine creatures in fishing grounds such as shrimp, red snapper, anchovy trap fish and a grass cover to breed tortoise shells. It was recognized as the biosphere reserve of the world in December 2004 and has long much appreciated by those who like ecological tourism.,

The immense limestone forests, marvelous grottoes, white sandy and clear water beaches will amaze all visitors. However, for whom do not love swimming in the crowded place, a less than hour boat ride would take them to some surrounding small islet where they could experience the amazing quietness and authentic setting of the sea. They look their best at the sunset time where golden sky and blue sea combine in splendid space leave unforgettable moment in the hearts of all visitors. Yet, they could take the chance to discover the fascinating caves such as Hang Luon; Khe Sau for fell the masterpiece of nature favored this island.

It takes around one hour to go by high speed ferry or going 60 km, passing to 2 ferries by land to approach the spacious island endowed with tropical jungle.

Highlights of Cat Ba

Cat Ba Natural Park – 15 km to the North – West of the town, the park cover 9,800 ha of tropical and primeval forests, home to various fauna and flora species Monkey Island – named as the main fauna living on, the island features with well- raised monkeys.
Lan Ha Bay – heaven to enjoy the natural masterpiece at sunset while blue sky and breath taking sea combine in harmonious space.
Trans-island road: 27 km long with many mountain pass, meander cols, slopes, along the sea shore, through National Pack, spectacular array of sea and island scenery.
Sandy beaches: Cat Co 1, Cat Co 2, Cat Dua, shaded bathing grounds with fine white sand and clear water
Cat Ba Market: in the center of town, famed for all sorts of fresh seafood.

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